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MA in English as an Additional Language and Education

This programme builds on professional knowledge to develop understanding of the role of language in learning across the curriculum, specifically in working with pupils who speak others languages besides English (EAL learners).

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Leeds NSS Results

National Student Survey Results

A massive 96% of students were satisfied with the quality of our teaching during their undergraduate degree. We have seen increases in satisfaction in five out of six of the categories.


CAPE, Blackwell's, Crabtree and Frank Smith Memorial Prizes awarded

During the reception following Graduation, prizes were awarded to newly graduated students Louisa Pielichaty, Hayley Dixon, Annabel Vivien, Abbie-Jade Woodley and Patsy Cummings.

Flying Start/15

Get a Flying Start at Leeds University

The School's student support officer, Martin Pelan has organised a section of the 'Flying Start' website specific to the School of Education, with the help of student volunteers and other staff members.


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