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Work in progress: Inclusive Transitions?

15 October 2011 - 15 October 2011
11-14 Blenheim Terrace, Room 1.17, LS2 9JT

Dr Mary Chambers and Dr Phil Jones, School of Education, University of Leeds

Additional Information

Dr Chambers is senior lecturer in the School of Education, University of Leeds. Her research interests include motor development in children, assessment, nature and intervention strategies for children with developmental coordination disorder, with research published in 'Child: Care, Health and Development' and 'Human Movement Science'. Dr Jones is Director of Research in the School of Education, University of Leeds. His research concerns children and young people, inclusion, the arts and therapy. He is series editor of Continuum's 'New Childhoods' and has published in the 'European Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy' and 'The Arts in Psychotherapy'.


Transition from primary to secondary education can be a complex and problematic time for pupils. The presentation reports on a pilot, and on work in progress in developing a major funding proposal. The focus is on researching the nature and value of the views of children with, and without, special educational needs as experts in their own, and each other's, experiences of transition from primary to secondary school. The first part of the seminar will involve a team presentation on the pilot and developing a proposal for larger scale work, the second an opportunity to offer feedback on an article in progress on the pilot findings. A draft of the article will be provided prior to the session.

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