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The Enactment and Impact of Science Education Reform

22 March 2012 - 22 March 2012
Blenheim Terrace 11-14, Room 1.17

Since 2006, schools in England have been responding to major changes in the science curriculum for 14-16 year olds. A wider variety of science courses are available with more emphasis on applied science and teaching about socio-scientific issues.

We have just completed a three year study examining school responses to this curriculum reform, funded by the ESRC and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. This study included longitudinal analysis of national participation and attainment trends using the National Pupil Database. In addition we have examined teacher and student experiences of these reforms through in-depth case studies conducted in 19 schools. In this seminar we will discuss findings from this study, and implications for the current National Curriculum Review in England.

Dr Indira Banner is a lecturer in science education at the School of Education,University of Leeds and taught Science/ Biology in Bradford secondary schools for five years. Her research interests lie in students' and teachers' experiences of science in school, in particular the impact of SES and gender on students and looking at initial and continuing professional development for teachers.

Jim Donnelly is an Emeritus Professor in Science Education. His research has focused on the history and philosophy of the science curriculum.

Dr Matt Homer, Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Leeds is a quantitative researcher working across a range of educational disciplines. A strand of his work involves the study of large datasets, including the national pupil database. He also has a research interest in assessment issues and psychometrics, particularly with application to improving the quality of the clinical and written assessment of medical students.

Jim Ryder is Professor of Science Education, School of Education, University of Leeds. His research examines attempts to develop a school science education that supports young people's engagement with science issues outside of formal schooling. He is Editor of the international review journal Studies in Science Education, and a member of the National Curriculum Review Science Working Group.

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