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A Review of the Vocational Pathway in England

15 April 2013 - 15 April 2013
Parkinson Building, Centenary Gallery

Tim Oates
Cambridge Assessment
A Review of the Vocational Pathway in England.

The lecture will use domestic and international evidence to examine the rhetoric and reality around 'routes' in the English education and training system. I will argue that, in the long-running critique of the putative 'narrowness' of our 16-19 arrangements, there has been a failure to recognise key assets of the English system. The long-running discussions of a 'unified system' and 'diploma' arrangements at 19 have not addressed key relations between phases, nor do they engage fully with the realities of other systems in Europe and further afield. The lecture will present an argument for the development of system arrangements for expansion of the 'classical' model of apprenticeship, in order to fill a yawning chasm in the English system. The data presented in the lecture will throw new light on A levels, HE and HE expansion, and vocational training - arguing that system reform needs to take on a very different character if we are not to repeat the errors of the last three decades. 

Reception to follow seminar
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