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Analysing interview data: examples from EdD work

11 July 2013 - 11 July 2013
E.C. Stoner 10.81

Michael Inglis:

How can you analyse interview data? This seminar is aimed primarily at colleagues and students who are engaging in their own doctoral or masters research (although the participation of experienced colleagues will be welcomed!). In a previous CSSME seminar I outlined my EdD research project, which aims to explore how Physics SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) students’ conceptualisations of physics subject knowledge change during their ITE course, and the learning and teaching approaches they experience as effective for developing their understanding of physics. During a SKE course, non-physics graduates develop their physics subject knowledge prior to entering a PGCE course to become a science teacher with a physics specialism. Over a period of several months I conducted a series of individual semi-structured interviews with each participant. The seminar will be part experience - sharing of my developing understanding of how interview data can be analysed and part workshop, where we will look together at some sample interview transcripts (please read the attached sample), and discuss insights and approaches to analysis.

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