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Obstacle race for a plurilingual education in Spain

19 April 2013 - 19 April 2013
HP 2.25

“Obstacle Race for Plurilingual Education in Spain” – Dr. Lilly Escobar Artola, CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia, Spain. EFL Professor in Education and Humanities.


At last it seems action is being taken to remedy the  low achievements and results Spanish students have shown in acquiring foreign language proficiency during their schooling stages.  Plurilingual, multilingual, bilingual are terms being used by our governmental authorities, and we can find them in new school regulations and requirements.  Changes in the current foreign language teaching/learning scenarios are taking place abruptly, both regionally and nation wide. Our university students are experiencing an unprecedented freedom of mobility as a result of the Bologna Agreement. However, in many cases the obstacle they face is their inability to meet the foreign-language skills required,  English proficiency being the most common hurdle.  We will look at some of the obstacles and stepping stones in the effort to achieve this plurilingual objective particularly from a teacher trainer perspective.

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