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School teachers’ experiences of large-scale science curriculum reform

13 June 2013 - 13 June 2013
EC Stoner 10.81

Speaker: Jim Ryder

There has been much written about the 'failures' of successive school curriculum reform efforts. Many experienced teachers reflect on the 'education pendulum', with reforms 'coming and going' periodically. In this seminar we will explore what we know about school teachers’ experiences of large-scale curriculum reform, with a particular focus on recent science curriculum reforms emphasising the goals of ‘scientific literacy’. The seminar will include discussion of a situated perspective on teacher activity that seeks to understand why teachers respond as they do to large-scale curriculum reforms. Optional pre-reading below:


Ryder, J., & Banner, I. (2013). School Teachers' Experiences of Science Curriculum Reform. International Journal of Science Education, 35(3), 490–514.


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