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Talking and Teaching: Seminar 3

25 January 2013 - 25 January 2013

Talking about Teaching (T@T) is a programme of events, led by nationally recognised speakers, that is designed to provide new ideas and promote discussion about a range of aspects of learning and teaching.  An important part of the series is that the presentations are underpinned by research and scholarship in learning & teaching. 

See www.leeds.ac.uk/sddu/lt/teachtalk/index.htm for details of all T@T events; if you have ideas for future events, please contact Chris Butcher.

The seminar:

Every HE programme confronts the issue of designing an effective, efficient, inclusive and sustainable assessment strategy which can both deliver key programme outcomes and minimise problems relating to academic integrity and plagiarism.  However, broad strategic perspectives can easily be neglected in programme planning given the increasing pressures on academic staff and programme teams in HE.  As a result, assessment strategies in programme documents are often weak or limited; the student experience suffers as a direct consequence.  To improve student learning, programmes need more substantial and evidence-based assessment strategies.  One way forward is to focus on programme-level rather than module level assessment. 

Building on the extensive experience within partner institutions (including 2 assessment-focused CETLs (ASKE and AfL) and four HEIs of different types and sizes - Bradford, Leeds Metropolitan, Exeter and Plymouth), the PASS project set out to identify essential principles of programme-focussed assessment (PFA) and use these to implement and test the effectiveness of programme assessment strategies.  [Website http://www.pass.brad.ac.uk]

This workshop will review the main principles of PFA, introduce different approaches which have been adopted, and discuss both the advantages of and potential barriers to successful implementation.  Participants will have the opportunity to consider and contribute their views on the benefits and implications of PFA to their own programmes and context.

The Speaker:

Peter Hartley is Professor of Education Development at the University of Bradford and Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University. He has been involved in several national initiatives to enhance student learning, including the LearnHigher CETL, and has run development projects for JISC and the Higher Education Academy, including work on assessment feedback and computer-aided assessment.  He led the NTFS Group Project on Programme-Focussed Assessment (PASS) and is currently working on further development of interactive software to improve student skills (Interviewer and Interviewer Viva).

To register, please contact Chris Butcher; all places will be confirmed by email.  The seminar is free of charge to University of Leeds staff (a £20.00 charge will apply to cancellations made after 12 noon on 24 January, illnesses and family emergencies excepted).

(tea & coffee available from 1.15).  This event was originally planned for Monday 3 December 2012 but had to be postponed.

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