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Task Design from Teachers’ Point of View

06 June 2013
EC Stoner 10.81

CSSME Seminar

Task Design from Teachers’ Point of View

By Linda Gurvin Opheim, University of Agder, Norway.

1pm to 2pm, Thursday 6 June.

Linda Opheim, visiting from University of Agder, Norway, presents her research on Task Design from Teachers’ Point of View.

Abtract, by Linda Opheim

The aim of my research is to investigate the relationship between teachers’ professed beliefs and characteristics of mathematics tasks they prefer to use in the classroom. I am using design research methodology to focus on teaching mathematics.  

In practice, this means that I have been working closely with four different teachers during the school year 2012/2013. Two of them consider themselves as “traditional” in their teaching, and two of them are more “reform oriented”. All four of them work in vocational upper secondary schools.  

The teachers and I are designing tasks to be used in the classroom, but the focus is on what they want in a task and not a “theoretically good task”.

I am collecting a broad array of data, which includes design cycles with the teachers (planning, designing tasks, discussing, refining tasks, observe implementation and evaluation), semi-structured interviews, reflections, field notes, and communications between the teachers and me.

I will, at the seminar, present my research and show some examples of tasks which have been designed together with the teachers.


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