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School of Education

Working With Students to Make a Difference in Schools

28 November 2013 - 28 November 2013 | Workshop
Hillary Place, G.18

Dr. Kiki Messiou, University of Southampton

This seminar focuses on findings from a three-year European Union funded project (2011- 2014) that focuses on ways of responding to diversity by engaging with students’ voices. The project involves thirteen partners from three different countries (Spain, Portugal and the UK): five universities and eight secondary schools. Making use of collaborative action research the aim is to support teachers in developing inclusive classroom practices by engaging with the views of students.  In the seminar, the rationale for the development of the design of the project will be explored with an emphasis on the idea that every student, despite labels attached to them, can contribute to the development of inclusive practices in schools.   The project led to the creation of an innovative approach to in-service teacher development.  This involves the merging of two frameworks: students’ voices and lesson study. Teachers form trios and design lessons together that they then teach and evaluate in the light of the feedback they receive from their colleagues.   What is distinctive in this approach is the fact that students’ voices have been embedded throughout the process of the lesson study approach. Examples from the various contexts will be discussed during the presentation.   

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