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From Instruction to Interaction: An Insight into Indian teachers’ methods, rationale and strategies for teaching Socio-Scientific Issues

04 December 2014 | 13:00-14:00 | Seminar
10.87 E.C Stoner Building


The teaching of Socio-Scientific Issues (SSIs) is considered to be a key in improving scientific literacy, scientific and moral reasoning in students (Sadler, 2011). Despite being a key to scientifically literate and informed citizens, teaching of SSIs pose a range of challenges for science teachers such as, dealing with incomplete and contradicting information and evidences (Ratcliffe et. al., 2003), a constant need to develop appropriate pedagogical approaches (Oulton et. al., 2004). One of the key challenges concerning selection of appropriate teaching methods for SSIs has been studied in this study, in the context of Indian Science classrooms.

The research is focused on delineating the various teaching methods used by teachers, and their rationale behind using a specific method for the teaching of SSIs. The outcomes reveal teaching methods such as, discussions and debates in various different forms and corresponding rationale for each form of a teaching method. This also includes a number of activities indigenous to Indian context, such as Street Plays, used by teachers to teach SSIs. This study also witnessed various instances of shift in teachers’ strategies while teaching SSIs using these methods. These instances, along with teaching methods, various forms, and teachers’ rationale, with a specific focus on Discussions, will be outlined in this presentation.


Vasudha Malhotra

This event is hosted by Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education.

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