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Balanced Science for All: the story of the changes in science education in secondary schools and the policies which have governed this over the last 50 years.

26 February 2015 | 13:00-14:00 | Workshop
10.81 E.C Stoner Building


One hundred years ago scientists and teachers were engaged in struggle to get science onto the curriculum of public and grammar schools in England.   By the 1950s science had a secure position on the curriculum of public and grammar schools. However that did not mean that it was available to all pupils  and also the issue of general science versus all three sciences was becoming increasingly prominent.

This seminar looks at the efforts since the 1950s to enable all pupils to be able to study aspects of biology chemistry and physics  up to the age of 16+ and at the issues of curriculum balance, timetabling and staffing involved. This will be done in the context of both government policies and those of the Association for Science Education (ASE).


Phil Ramsden, Visiting Fellow, School of Education

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(10.81) E. C Stoner Building
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