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Current trends in task - based language teaching and learning

21 October 2015 | Seminar
1-2, G.18, Hillary Place

Centre for Language Education Research Autumn Seminars 2015

Current trends in task - based language teaching and learning, by Mohammad Ahmadian, University of Leeds.

Dr Mohammad Ahmadian School of Education, University of Leeds

Tasks are now widely used in language classrooms around the world under various guises. The last three decades have witnessed a growth of interest in research on tasks from various perspectives and numerous books and collection of articles have been published focusing on the notion of task and its utility in different contexts. In this talk, following Ortega (2013), I will argue that the vibrancy of any area of research is contingent upon, inter alia, epistemological diversity and transdisciplinary relevance. I will go on to suggest that recent TBLT studies have demonstrated that this area of research is moving towards this direction and that TBLT is not anymore considered as a purely practically-oriented line of research. I will support my argument by reviewing some of the recent TBLT research studies which have been conducted based on Complexity Theory, Sociocultural Theory, Ecological Perspective, etc. 

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1-2, G.18, Hillary Place

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