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Literacy and learning seminar series - seminar one

03 February 2015 | 4.30-6.00pm | Seminar
20 Lyddon Terrace, SR1 (1.06), University of Leeds


Dr Becky Parry and Dr Paula Clarke have been working with students from the School of Education and Beverley Barnes, regional representative of the UKLA, to develop a forum for discussion of contemporary literacy teaching and learning. Two papers will be presented at each seminar with opportunities for questions and discussion.

Papers to be presented

Poetry in Motion: Posture, Gaze and Engagement in a GCSE lesson on Macbeth.
Dr Roberta Taylor, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

This research employs a multimodal understanding of communication (Kress, 2010) and questions a language-centric conceptualisation of classroom communication. The project seeks to uncover and describe the pupil-to-pupil classroom communication of pupils aged 15/16 as they discuss, argue, reason, evaluate and build upon each other’s ideas. This presentation reviews a lesson where a teacher diverted from the standard pattern of lessons to challenge students to transpose an excerpt of Shakespearean dialogue to a modern setting and considers the students' embodied meaning making in collaborative text construction.

Parent-child interaction during story sharing on iPads: role of personalisation
Dr Natalia Kucirkova – Lecturer, Open University

Little is known about how parents and children interact when they share self-made stories on iPads. We used a case-study approach to analyse in detail the interaction between a mother and her 33-month-old daughter. Multimodal analysis found that the app-mediated story-sharing context produced a harmonious and smooth interaction, achieving a coherence that is typical of ‘happy’ oral stories.

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This event is free to University of Leeds staff and students. You just need to RSVP to Dr Becky Parry on r.l.parry@leeds.ac.uk 

You can also book as an external individual at a cost of £10. Please contact Brenda Eastwood on admin@ukla.org

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