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Digital residence in English as an L2: What does this mean and why does it matter? Huw Jarvis (Language Education Consultant)

19 October 2016 | 16:00 - 17:30 | Seminar

Arguably, the field of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has largely concerned itself with describing, investigating and evaluating the effectiveness of such tutorial-based materials. More recently however we have seen a shift to apps which offer similar opportunities to develop language skills but on an anytime\anywhere basis with and through mobile devices. Within CALL this has led to the emergence of a sub-field of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL).

The established framework for a “theory and practice of CALL\MALL is one in which computers and\or mobile devices are seen as a means to an end – the means being language learning websites and apps, the end typically being improved grammar, or listening skills, or vocabulary. The first part of this guest lecture critiques this framework and includes some practice-based examples to illustrate what is available to our students. However, I will then go on to argue that it is time to embrace a bigger picture. In the second part of the talk I argue that language education needs to recognise fundamental changes and the “means – end description above is reversed for many students who “prefer to use English with digital devices over and above using digital devices to learn English (Jarvis, 2014 :26).

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