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CSSME Seminar Series: An international study of mathematical self-efficacy, attainment and degree choice

14 December 2016 | 13:00-14:00 | Workshop

Abstract: In many contexts, mathematical self-efficacy is known to be important, and distinct, predictor of mathematical attainment and the nature of further participation in the study of mathematics and mathematically-based disciplines. This study reports on the results of cross-sectional questionnaire-based study of over 500 former International Baccalaureate® students who had studied higher level pre-university mathematics. Two separate sub-scales were employed in the online questionnaire measuring (i) mathematical self-confidence on completion of the IB course (i.e retrospectively), and (ii) mathematical self-efficacy at the time of completion of the survey (i.e. mainly during degree study). These scales were found to be essentially uni-dimensional, and to measure distinct but related constructs. In terms of predicting type of degree participation, important differences in patterns of influence were found relating to mathematical self-confidence and attainment. Differences by gender and country are also reported, and the relationship between self-confidence and self-efficacy is explored. 

This event is open to all and free to attend. There is no need to register.

Please bring your lunch and join us at 12:30pm in the CSSME foyer before the seminar. Coffee and biscuits will be available afterwards.

This will be the last seminar of the year and information on future seminars can be found on the CSSME website.

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