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Language in Africa Weekend shows how research can be fun

22 November 2006 |

16 participants from 10 different universities in 7 different countries got together to present papers and report on recent research at a weekend seminar hosted by School of Education staff for the Language in Africa Special Interest Group of the British Association of Applied Linguists.

The event was held at LUCAS (the Leeds University Centre for African Studies) for the second year running and took a similar format to previous year. A keynote speaker gave the first paper, - Joseph Gafaranga of Edinburgh on 'Language Shift and Maintenance among the Rwandan Community in Belgium' followed by a reception and get-together on the first evening.

The next day saw a succession of papers all reporting on recent empirical research in different African contexts. The great advantage of this kind of occasion is that there is time to present, analyse and discuss, rather than the short breathless presentation at a conference. It was great to meet colleagues who share a common aim to do research that can help to change people's lives in some way. We hope to work together on a publication now that we have built up a good selection of research-based papers.

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