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'Changing Citizenship' receives warm review by Canadian scholar

18 October 2007 |

Changing Citizenship by the School of Education's Audrey Osler and Hugh Starkey has received a warm review by Canadian scholar Michael Sweet, who writes:

"Osler and Starkey not only make a convincing case for cosmopolitan citizenship in such a manner, but essentially join with the likes of Blades and Richardson (2006) and declare it morally imperative. Blades and Richardson (2006) stated, "What is urgently needed is a shift towards reclaiming our civic responsibility as inhabitants of the earth: A global citizenship. Central to this new direction is the moral imperative to, in the words of Zygmund Bauman, 'restart... the interrupted discourse of the common good'" (p. 117).

One crucial point the authors make is that globalizing citizenship, what they present as cosmopolitanism, does not entail erasing community or national identity. Osler and Starkey note:

Cosmopolitan citizenship implies recognition of our common humanity and a sense of solidarity with others. It is insufficient, however, to feel and express a sense of solidarity with others elsewhere if we cannot establish a sense of solidarity with others in our own communities...." (p. 93).

This distinction is of paramount importance to the text's value as it effectively breaks down the too often invoked binary between global and more traditional national/local forms of citizenship, thus making "global citizenship" not only practicable but attractive. The popular slogan "act local, think global" takes on a degree of resonance and promise cast in such a light."

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