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Research project receives national press coverage

10 September 2007 |

Research carried out by Schools of Education at Leeds and Nottingham universities and Mori Social Research Institute has recently received coverage in the Times and SecEd magazine.

The six-year longitudinal research project Becoming a Teacher (BaT): the nature and impact of teachers' experiences during Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Early Professional Development (EPD) focuses on teachers' experiences during ITT, induction and EPD. It is tracking trainees and teachers entering the profession from a range of different routes over a period of 5 academic years. Articles on the latest report appeared on the 6th September in the SecEd magazine, and in the Times Educational supplement on the 7th September 2007.

The research - commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the General Teaching Council for England and the Training and Development Agency for Schools - showed that the first year of teaching was a largely positive experience for the new qualified teachers (NQTs) who took part (93 per cent said they enjoyed teaching). However, teachers experienced a mixture of low as well as high points. Strong professional relationships could minimise the negatives and played a central role in the ultimate likelihood of NQTs successfully passing their induction period.


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