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Maggie McPherson In Ethiopia for British Council EPA project meeting

8 June 2010 |

The British Council, in collaboration with higher learning institutions, is undertaking different projects aimed at improving employment situation of graduates and developing their creativity. The Council said in a press statement that the projects are being carried out with a fund secured from British governmental institution working on employment and building creativity of graduates.

One of the projects, a workshop intended to discuss ways of improving employment opportunity and creativity of graduates that was organized with Leeds and Hawassa universities would be held in Hawassa Town on June 6, 2010. The objective of the workshop is to discuss employment need assessment, deliberate on improving the general employment situation of graduates, build creativity, the provision of training of graduates, and preparation of curriculum.

Over 2,700 graduate students and 50 employing companies are expected to participate at the workshop. Research papers on improvement of employment and creativity will be presented in the course of the workshop.

Through Engendering Entrepreneurship 4 Ethiopia (EE4E), supported by the British Council's Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA) and UK government's Department for Business, Innovations and Skills, and in collaboration with the University of Leeds, Hawassa University is to undertake the Graduate/Job Fair on 7 June 2010.

The objective of the Graduate/Job Fair at HU is to provide a platform for quality and innovative recruiting for employers who can invest in human resource at a lower cost, and for students who will have a chance to display their talents/knowledge and skills before leaving university.

The job fair will be an event where potential candidates and employer institutions will have the opportunity to meet each other face to face and open doors for interaction on career and employment opportunities.

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