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Professor Linda Evans visits Mauritius

12 November 2013 |

Linda Evans and Rajesh Jeetah

Professor Linda Evans spent two days in Mauritius at the end of October, at the invitation of the Mauritian Ministry for Tertiary Education, Science, Research, and Technology. She presented a keynote address, Effective academic leadership, at the 1st Assises de l'Enseignement Supérieur (the 1st national consultative forum on the development of Mauritian tertiary education), opened by Dr Rajesh Jeetah, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Science, Research, and Technology.

The forum received much media attention, featuring on Mauritian television and radio as a landmark event intended to launch the Ministry’s Strategic Plan for the next 12 years. Professor Evans is pictured in one of her meetings with the Minister, where she discussed with him and other senior Ministry personnel and Mauritian academics their plans for developing the country’s higher education sector.

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