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Alumni Anne O'Brien discusses her recent publication

4 April 2014 |

Anne O'Brien completed her PGCE at Leeds, after which she taught for a number of years at Beverley Girl's High School in East Yorkshire.

It was only after winning a short story competition run by the Yorkshire Post that she decided to commit to writing full time. She says that she took the age old advice of ‘write about something you know’.

She began writing romance novels for many years before turning her attention to “stories of women in history who fascinate her most”. Initially she put together three novels about wives and mistresses in the 14th and 15th century of whom she most admired.

“I write about medieval women in particular because these are the silent women of our past. They lived in a period that was very much a history of men, written by men. Women were an add-on. My books allow these women to have a voice.”

Her most recent novel ‘The Scandalous Duchess’ is set in the 1930’s and depicts the life of its heroine after the death of her husband. The developments which follow are to be admired, says its author. “It’s not a black and white story, there are lots of shades of grey, but that is human.”

The full article is available to read online.

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