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End of year celebrations

24 July 2014 |

In what has now become a tradition at the School of Education, our students and staff celebrated the end of the academic year in the company of the Glenlee Scottish Dancers, who led everyone through a large number of Scottish dances, each more varied and complex than the last. Most of the students (and many of the staff!) were unfamiliar with the dances, so following the steps presented a serious challenge, but it was one which the party-goers took to with great enthusiasm and gusto!

In addition to learning new dance moves, our TESOL students in particular were delighted to be introduced to strange and exotic English-language phrases, such as ‘reel of 6’, ‘couple square set’ and ‘dos-à-dos’!

As a special treat, a traditional Scottish piper also attended – he performed several solo pieces, much to the delight of everyone present.

After a couple of hours the dancing ended on a traditional note with a rousing dance and sing-a-long to Auld Lang Syne.

Reports suggesting that students continued dancing and singing across campus and into the city centre remain unconfirmed at this time!

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