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ESSL Postgraduate Research Conference 2014: Poster Winners

8 May 2014 |

School of Education PhD student Gisela Oliveira won first prize in the poster competition at the recent ESSL Postgraduate Research Conference.

You can look at Gisela’s poster here:

G. Oliveira – Transfer of Learning in Higher Education2


Transfer of Learning in Higher Education – Educational Research on the Transition between Higher Education and the Workplace

The transition from Higher Education to the workplace is commonly understood by the concept of employability, which describes the ability students have to obtain and maintain a graduate job. Additionally, it has often been conceptualized as a set of skills that students should acquire at University, apply in the workplace and were placements present themselves as opportunities for practice. The straightforward transition described by this view doesn’t fully explain student’s experiences of “becoming confident” and “learning who´s who and who does what” in the placement. This research offers an alternative framework to look at this transition by considering a process of learning transfer that focuses on student´s transfer of knowledge, not only technical, but also practical and relational, on student´s identity development and on the student´s social interactions in the placement.

The research will follow a case study methodology with five instrumental cases that collect data from interviews and observation and focus on University of Leeds student´s experiences of one-year placements. The five participants, coming from different faculties will illustrate different contexts and offer contrasting features to develop and test the conceptual framework. The empirically tested version of this framework will, therefore, become one of the research main contributions to knowledge.

The poster will also present the research timeline and place the current point of research in the beginning of the data collection and analysis process as to contextualize the information provided.

The second prize on the day was awarded to Anne Outram Halstead, also from the School of Education, with a poster on Learning through School Rules.

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