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"Paddington sex scandal: the bear would bore if he didn’t break some rules."

1 December 2014 | Sarah Redhead

Dr Parry's research focuses on stories created for children and the role they play in children's talk, play, identity and literacy development. In particular investigating children's popular culture forms from picture books, comics and animation to television drama, children's films and games, exploring the ways in which children participate and engage with them.

On Friday she wrote a piece, featured on The Conversation, exploring the decision to give the new Paddington film a PG (Parental Guidance) certificate. 

She writes, "Adults have always co-existed, in children’s fiction, be it book, film, television, comic or game – as characters, but also as makers and audiences of the texts. Children’s stories from the Tales of the Brothers Grimm to The Hunger Games convey our cultural concerns about morality, childhood and parenting but they are also more importantly attempts to see the world from a child’s perspective. It is this which distinguishes a children’s film."

Read the full article here.


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