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Academic Staff

A - Z by Surname
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Dr. Mohammad Javad Ahmadian - Lecturer in TESOL, Programme Leader for MA TESOL and BA English, Language and Education
Email: M.J.Ahmadian@leeds.ac.uk

Samyia Ambreen - Academic Teaching Fellow
Email: S.Ambreen@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Richard Badger - Senior Lecturer in Education
Tel: 0113 3434644
Email: r.g.badger@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Chris Bailey - Research Officer
Tel: 0113 3434539
Email: c.j.bailey@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Indira Banner - Lecturer in Science Education
Tel: 0113 3434637
Email: i.banner@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Mike Baynham - Professor of TESOL
Tel: 0113 3434481
Email: M.Baynham@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Simon Borg - Visiting Professor of TESOL
Email: s.borg@education.leeds.ac.uk

Mrs Helen Bradbury - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education
Tel: 0113 3435852
Email: h.m.bradbury@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Mary Chambers - Associate Professor in Special Needs in Education; Programme Leader for BA Childhood Studies
Tel: 0113 3433576
Email: M.E.Chambers@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Gary Chambers - Associate Professor in TESOL
Tel: 0113 3434536
Email: G.N.Chambers@education.leeds.ac.uk

Mr Graham Chambers - Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3433577
Email: g.chambers@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Paula Clarke - Associate Professor in Childhood and Inclusive Education
Tel: 0113 3439410
Email: p.j.clarke@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Jean Conteh - Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
Tel: 0113 3437958
Email: J.Conteh@leeds.ac.uk

Ms Taryn Coop - Research Assistant in International Higher Education
Tel: 0113 343 4539
Email: t.coop@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Hayley Davies - Lecturer in Childhood Studies
Tel: 0113 343 9699
Email: h.m.davies@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Alice Deignan - Professor of Applied Linguistics
Tel: 0113 3434920
Email: a.h.deignan@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor James Donnelly - Emeritus Professor
Tel: 0113 3434608
Email: J.F.Donnelly@education.leeds.ac.uk

Mrs Clare Donnison - Tutor for Education and Professional studies (EPS) / Personal Tutor
Email: c.e.donnison@leeds.ac.uk


Jess Elmore - Research Assistant
Tel: 0113 343 6562
Email: j.elmore@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Linda Evans - Visiting professor at the University of Leeds, and professor of education at the University of Manchester.
Email: linda.evans@manchester.ac.uk


Dr Laura Grassick - Teaching Fellow in TESOL
Tel: 0113 343 6453
Email: l.j.grassick@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Simon Green - Lecturer in TESOL
Tel: 0113 34 34537
Email: S.J.M.Green@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Yvonne Griffiths - Associate Professor in Childhood Studies and Education
Tel: 0113 343 9788
Email: y.griffiths@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Andrew Gunn - Visiting Fellow
Email: a.s.gunn@education.leeds.ac.uk


Dr Judith Hanks - Associate Professor in Language Education
Tel: 0113 3430524
Email: J.I.Hanks@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Peter Hart - Research Fellow
Tel: 0113 3434529
Email: P.J.Hart@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Lou Harvey - Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 9114
Email: L.T.Harvey@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Judith Hebron - Lecturer in Childhood Studies
Tel: 0113 34 34553
Email: j.hebron@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Barbara Hibbert - Part-time tutor in History / Personal Tutor
Email: b.hibbert@leeds.ac.uk

Professor Jeremy Higham - Dean of the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
Tel: 0113 3437428
Email: j.j.s.higham@leeds.ac.uk

Prof. Phil Hodkinson - Emeritus Professor
Email: p.m.hodkinson@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Matt Homer - Associate Professor in Quantitative Methods and Assessment
Tel: 0113 3434654
Email: M.S.Homer@leeds.ac.uk

Dr. Amanda Howard - Teaching Fellow (TESOL)
Tel: 0113 343 4526
Email: a.j.howard@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Ann-Marie Hunter - Teaching Fellow in TESOL
Email: A.M.Hunter@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Michael Inglis - Lecturer in Science Education
Tel: 0113 3434674
Email: m.inglis@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Mariya P Ivancheva - Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Tel: 0113 34 31700
Email: m.ivancheva@leeds.ac.uk


Prof. Edgar Jenkins - Emeritus Professor
Email: e.w.jenkins@education.leeds.ac.uk


Mr David Kirkham - Team Leader PGCE in MFL / Team Leader E-Profile
Tel: 0113 3435142
Email: d.w.kirkham@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Martin Lamb - Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3434620
Email: m.v.lamb@education.leeds.ac.uk

Mrs Rosemary J Livesey - Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 3434573
Email: R.J.Livesey@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Robbie Love - Research Fellow in Applied and Corpus Linguistics
Tel: 0113 3434539
Email: r.love@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Anne Luke - Lecturer in Childhood Studies
Tel: 0113 343 3791
Email: a.c.luke@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Gill Main - Associate Professor in Childhood Studies
Tel: 0113 3430237
Email: g.main@leeds.ac.uk

Dr. Rachel Mathieson - Researcher
Tel: 0113 34 35154
Email: R.Mathieson1@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Diana Mazgutova - Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 3865
Email: d.mazgutova@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Maggie McPherson - Visiting Fellow
Tel: 0113 3434631
Email: M.McPherson@leeds.ac.uk

Emeritus Professor John Monaghan - Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 3434603
Email: J.D.Monaghan@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Neil Morris - Chair of Educational Technology, Innovation and Change
Tel: 0113 343 7014
Email: N.P.Morris@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Rebecca O'Rourke - Senior Teaching Fellow
Tel: 0113 3433181
Email: r.k.o'rourke@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Shirley-Anne Paul - Research Fellow
Tel: 0113 3431761
Email: S.A.Paul@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Susan Pearson - Visiting Fellow
Email: s.e.pearson@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Mark Pike PhD - Professor of Education
Tel: 0113 343 4606
Email: M.Pike@education.leeds.ac.uk


Dr Emma Rempe-Gillen - Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 343 0517
Email: E.RempeGillen@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Penelope Robinson - Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0113 3434526
Email: p.j.robinson@education.leeds.ac.uk

Jim Ryder - Professor of Science Education
Email: J.Ryder@education.leeds.ac.uk


Dr Jackie Salter - Programme Leader MA (Deaf Education)
Tel: 0113 343 4601
Email: j.m.salter@leeds.ac.uk

Dr James Simpson - Senior Lecturer in Language Education; Academic Group Leader, Language Education Academic Group
Tel: 0113 3434687
Email: j.e.b.simpson@education.leeds.ac.uk

Emeritus Professor David Sugden - Emeritus Professor of Special Needs in Education
Tel: 0113 3434533
Email: d.a.sugden@education.leeds.ac.uk

Professor Ruth Swanwick - Professor in Deaf Education and Director of Research and Innovation for the School of Education
Tel: 0113 3434582
Email: r.a.swanwick@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Bronwen J Swinnerton - Research Fellow in Digital Learning
Tel: 0113 343 7837
Email: b.j.swinnerton@leeds.ac.uk


Mr Innocent Tasara - Lecturer in Mathematics Education
Tel: 0113 34 34622
Email: i.tasara@leeds.ac.uk

Ms Lucy Taylor - Teaching fellow, Primary English
Tel: 0113 3434538
Email: l.taylor@leeds.ac.uk


Dr Aisha Walker - Associate Professor in Technology, Education and Learning
Tel: 0113 3434633
Email: S.A.Walker@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Martin Wedell - Senior Lecturer in TESOL - Head of International Education
Tel: 0113 3434531
Email: M.Wedell@education.leeds.ac.uk

Dr Michael Wilson - Programme Leader for International Educational Management
Tel: 0113 3434580
Email: m.d.wilson@education.leeds.ac.uk


Dr Huahui Zhao - Lecturer in Language Education
Tel: 0113 343 5593
Email: h.zhao1@leeds.ac.uk

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