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Dr. Mohammad Javad Ahmadian

Lecturer in TESOL, Programme Leader for MA TESOL and BA English, Language and Education


Currently I am Programme Manager for MA TESOL and the Programme Manager for BA in English, Language and Education. 

Research Interests

I am an applied linguist specializing in instructed second language acquisition and task-based language teaching and learning. In my research programme, I have looked into the way in which working memory capacity interacts with the effects of instruction conditions and task factors on L2 performance in terms of complexity, accuracy, fluency and, more recently, L2 pragmatic features.

I am also interested in exploring whether and how written corrective feedback affects L2 learners writing performance and how these impacts are moderated by individual differences in cognitive processing ability. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, I have attempted to explore the cognitive underpinnings of task-based planning and speech production processes as well as learners’ and teachers’ perceptions of task-based implementation conditions.

I have been invited to present my research at various universities across the world (e.g., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh, Texas A & M University, University of Murcia) and in the UK (e.g., Newcastle University, Lancaster University and UCL). I joined the School of Education at University of Leeds in 2015 as a Lecturer in TESOL and before that I spent 7 years at the University of Isfahan (Iran) as part-time lecturer, teaching fellow, and assistant professor of applied linguistics.  


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Since 2015 I have been teaching and leading various Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules at Leeds. In 2017/18 I will be leading/teaching the following modules:

EDUC 3009: Analysing Language Learning

EDUC 5901: Learning and Teaching in TESOL

EDUC 5902: Investigating Language for TESOL

EDUC 5909:  Introducing Task-Based Curriculum

In May 2018, I will deliver a three-day invited lecture on Task-Based Language Teaching for MA programme in Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings at the University of Basque Country (Spain). 

External academic activities:

I am the guest-editor of The Language Learning Journal’s special issue on Task-based Language Teaching and Learning (published in December 2016). In addition to serving on the editorial board of RELC Journal and The Language Learning Journal, I have been on the Editorial Panel of ELT Journal from 2013-2015.

  • Ad hoc reviewer for Language Learning, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, TESOL Quarterly, Language Teaching Research, Second Language Research, International Review of Applied Linguistic (IRAL), International Journal of Applied Linguistics, and System.
  • Ad hoc book (proposal) reviewer for Routledge and Multilingual Matters.
  • Communications officer for BAAL Language Learning & Teaching SIG.
  • Member of Language Development and Cognition satellite at Leeds.
  • Member of International Association for Task-Based Language Teaching (IATBLT vzw).

PhD Supervision

I am keen to supervise PhD research in the areas of task-based language learning, explicit and implicit instruction, written corrective feedback, working memory/language aptitude and L2 production and development, L2 pragmatics instruction.

Key Publications


  • Recent Perspectives on Task-based Language Learning and Teaching, ed. by Ahmadian MJ and García Mayo MP, Trends in Applied Linguistics (DE GRUYTER MOUTON, 2018)

Journal Articles

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  • Ahmadian MJ, ‘Neurolinguistic Programming’, in The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching, ed. by Liontas JI and DelliCarpini M (UK: TESOL International Association & Wiley, 2018)
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  • Ahmadian MJ, ‘Working Memory, Online Planning and L2 Self-Repair Behaviour’ ([n.pub.], 2015), 87, 160-174

Presentations (conferences/workshops etc.)

  • Ahmadian MJ, ‘Task-based planning and L2 writing: investigating the role of working memory capacity’ 7th International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching, University of Barcelona, 19/04/2017

  • Ahmadian MJ, ‘The spacing effect: the impacts of “massed” and “spaced” task repetition on L2 speech production’ Language Learning and Teaching BAAL SIG, Lancaster University, 31/07/2016

Scholarly Editions

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