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Dr Chris Bailey

Research Officer

I am currently a researcher on the Gaming Horizons project, exploring the role of video games in education and society. I worked as a primary school teacher, working across the primary age range for a number of years. I then left to pursue a full time PhD, examining children’s play in and around digital environments.

Research Interests

I am a researcher and an associate lecturer in Education, interested in how technologies are entangled with cultural experience. My doctoral thesis provides an ethnographic study of a group of children playing the videogame Minecraft. This work illuminates the emergent dimension of play that occurs through collaborative engagement, in and around a virtual world. I am also interested in multimodal literacies and meaning making practices and have employed different modes in my own academic work. In my own work I use comic strips and illustration as a means of exploring theory and representing the complexity of the social world.


My current role is largely research focussed. However, I also supervise Masters students in Education.

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