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Professor James Donnelly's Publications


  • Bell J, Positioning Applied Science In Schools: Uncertainty, Opportunity and Risk in Curriculum Reform (Leeds: CSSME, 2007)

  • Donnelly JF, The supply of school mathematics and science teachers: issues, evidence and policy options (University of Leeds: CSSME, 2002)

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  • Donnelly JF, Buchan AS, Jenkins EW, Laws PM, Welford AG, Investigations by Order. Policy, curriculum and science teachers’ work under the Education Reform Act (Nafferton: Nafferton: Studies in Education, 1996)

Journal Articles

  • Homer M, Ryder J, Donnelly J, ‘Sources of differential participation rates in school science: the impact of curriculum reform’, British Educational Research Journal, 39.2 (2013), 248-265
    DOI: 10.1080/01411926.2011.635783, Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/85151/

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Conference Papers

  • Donnelly JF, ‘Structure, contingency and the early articulation of chemical industry and academe in the United Kingdom’


  • Donnelly J, An invisible revolution? Applied Science in the 14-19 curriculum, ([n.pub.], 2009)

  • Donnelly JF, Homer M, Lewis JM, Applied Science in the 14-19 Science Curriculum. A Report to the Nuffield Foundation, ([n.pub.], 2008)

  • Donnelly JF, Bell JS, Homer M, Ryder J, The Take Up of the 2006 GCSE Science Specifications, ([n.pub.], 2007)


  • Donnelly JF, The Supply of School Mathematics and Science Teachers: Undergraduate Attitudes and Mathematics Teacher Deployment, (University of Leeds: CSSME, 2002)

  • Donnelly JF, Cecil Conshaw, (New DNB, 1999)

  • Donnelly JF, Lord Brotherton, (New DNB, 1999)

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