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Prof. Edgar Jenkins

Emeritus Professor

Edgar Jenkins is Emeritus Professor and, until 2000, was Professor of Science Education Policy. He is a former Head of the School of Education (1980-84 and 1991-5) and was Director of the Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education from 1997-2000.

He has taught chemistry and biology in secondary/high schools and been heavily involved in training science graduates for the teaching profession. He has extensive experience of assessment and examining in science, and has acted as a consultant on a range of science education issues to a number of governments or their agencies.

He is the author or co-author of many books, articles or research papers, and from 1984 to 1997 edited the international research review journal, Studies in Science Education. He is also the Editor of recent volumes of the UNESCO series, Innovations in Science and Technology Education , and serves on the Editorial Boards of several international research journals concerned with science education.

He is a member of the Association for Science Education, the European Science Educational Research Association, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He serves on the Education Committee of the Royal Society of London.

Research Interests

History and politics of science education; policy and practice in science education; public understanding of science/scientific literacy; technology education.

His research interests in science education policy extend from historical studies to empirical analysis of the interactions between policy and science teachers' daily work. The latter, in particular, has important implications for those seeking to change science teachers' practice and to raise the standards of work in the schools.

He has also published work concerned with the public understanding of science. Principal books include: From Armstrong to Nuffield (1979), Technological Revolution? (1986), Inarticulate Science? (1993), Investigations by Order (1996), From Steps to Stages (1998), Learning From Others (2000) and Science Education, Policy Professionalism and Change (2001).

Key Publications

Journal Articles

  • Jenkins EW (2007) “School science: a questionable construct?”, Journal of Curriculum Studies. 39.3: 265-282.

    received by rso

  • Jenkins EW (2006) “The student voice in school science education”, Studies in Science Education. 42: 49-88.

  • Jenkins EW; Pell RG (2006) “Me and the environmental challenges: a survey of English secondary school students attitudes towards the environment”, International Journal of Science Education. 28.7: 765-780.

  • Jenkins EW; Nelson NW (2005) “Important but not for me: students' attitudes towards secondary school science in England”, Research in Science & Technological Education. 23.1: 41-57.

    Repository URL [eprints.whiterose.ac.uk]

    This article presents some of the results of the questionnaire-based Relevance of Science Education Project (ROSE) carried out in England in the latter half of 2003 as part of a wider international comparative study based at the University of Oslo. Data, drawn from 1277 students, most of whom were 14 or 15 years old, indicate their views about their school science education, their choice of careers and what they would most like to learn about in their science lessons. The findings are placed in the context of other accounts of the ‘student voice’ in science education and their implications for policy and science curriculum reform are discussed.

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