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Dr Martin Lamb

Senior Lecturer

I've been at Leeds since 1999 having previously spent 16 years working abroad, as a VSO English teacher in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and then as a teacher and teacher trainer on various British Council-managed ELT projects in Indonesia and Bulgaria. I have also taught EFL in Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

At Leeds I have been heavily involved in the department's work in Oman; a large-scale BA programme for Omani teachers of English that ran from 1999-2009, and more recently an MA TESOL run in cooperation with Majan College from 2008-10.

Research Interests

I am interested in all aspects of language learner motivation, but especially how it relates to identity, social relations and autonomous learning behaviour, and how it can be developed through good teaching. Most of my research has been based in Indonesia, trying to understand the various motivational and social factors that contribute to the successful learning of English. My most recent project (with my colleague Martin Wedell) was a British Council-funded investigation into ‘inspiring’ English teaching in state schools in China and Indonesia. A talk I gave on this research can be viewed at:  http://englishagenda.britishcouncil.org/seminars/inspiring-teachers-state-school-teachers-english-china-and-indonesia-who-generate-long-term

A lecture which I gave on the topic of 'motivation and identity' at the University of Leicester in April 2009, is available at  http://languagetesting.info/features/motivation/mil.html



I am now Coordinator of the MA TESOL programme and teach a number of different Masters modules, specifically on L2 speaking, assessing language learning, and developing practical teaching skills. I also teach undergraduate modules on 'Education in a multilingual world' and 'Globalization, identity and English language education', and am a personal and academic tutor to international MA students.

PhD Supervision

I supervise several PhD students working in the area of learner and teacher motivation and would be glad to hear from any potential UK or international doctoral student with similar interests.

Key Publications


  • Lamb M, International Collaboration for Educational Change: The BA Project, ed. by Atkins J and Lamb M (Sultanate of Oman: Ministry of Education, 2010)

Journal Articles


  • Lamb MV, Budiyanto, ‘Cultural Challenges, Identity and Motivation in State School EFL’, in International Perspectives on Motivation, ed. by Ushioda E, International Perspectives on English Language Teaching (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), 18-34
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/75677/

  • Lamb MV, ‘Inspiring English Teachers in China and Indonesia: Implications for Indian Teacher Educators?’, in English Language Teacher Education in a Diverse Environment. Selected papers from the Third International Teacher Educators Conference Hyderabad, India, ed. by Powell-Davies P and Gunashekar P (London: The British Council, 2013), 72-77
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/76172/

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