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Professor Mark Pike PhD

Professor of Education

I am Professor of Education and served as Head of School of Education until 2017. I am Director (Principal Investigator) of the Narnian Virtues Character Education research project which is generously funded by a research grant of £1.1M from the Sir John Templeton Foundation (2014 - 2019). Professor Thomas Lickona, Director of the Center for the 4th and 5th Rs at the State University of New York is the Co-Investigator. The project investigates how young people can learn the virtues of wisdom, love, justice, integrity, self-control and fortitude as they read and respond to three of the Narnia novels by C.S. Lewis. The project is informed by findings from the Knightly Virtues character education project based at the Jubilee Centre at Birmingham University. Some of the results from the first year pilot project are published in the booklet excellence & ethics (Spring 2016), and further information about the project is available here.

My most recent books are: Mere Education: C.S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time (Lutterworth, 2013) which has been translated into Dutch as Onversneden Onderwijs (2015) and Ethical English – Teaching and Learning in English as Spiritual, Moral and Religious Education (Bloomsbury, 2015). My articles have been published in journals such as the Oxford Review of Education, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Journal of Character Education and  Journal of Beliefs and Values – studies in religion and education. I also serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Moral Education.

After a first degree at the University of Leeds (where I met my wife who was an international exchange student) a decade of teaching, leadership and management in schools and an ESRC-sponsored PhD at Southampton University, I returned to Leeds in 2000. Since then I have led ESRC and AHRC research projects (2008 and 2012), taught on BA, MA, PGCE, EdD and PhD programmes and provided consultancy to government and schools.

Research Interests

My research areas of specialism include the following:

  • Character education
  • C.S. Lewis as an educator
  • Christian education
  • Reading and response to literature
  • Values and virtues in schooling and society


I teach on our BA and MA in Childhood Studies courses (on character and moral education, beliefs and values in relation to families, childhood, youth and schooling in the plural societies of liberal democracies).


PhD Supervision

I supervise doctoral (EdD and PhD) students’ theses and current projects include character education in secondary schools; the values, virtues and practices of school leaders in The Netherlands; young people’s moral education.

I currently supervise the following PhD students:

Paul Lally
Hilario Garcia Ostos
Pieter Murre
Stephania Albert Jonglai
Dean Wearmouth

I also co-supervise:

Nasir Mahmood
John Higgins
Abdulaziz Alsuhaymi

Key Publications


  • Pike MA, Ethical English Teaching and Learning in English as Spiritual, Moral and Religious Education (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014)

  • Pike MA, Mere Education: C.S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time (Lutterworth Press, 2013)

  • Halstead MJ, Pike MA, Citizenship and Moral Education: values in action (Routledge Falmer, 2006), vi,199p

Journal Articles

  • Pike MA, Lickona T, Nesfield V, ‘Narnian Virtues: C.S. Lewis as Character Educator’, Journal of Character Education, 11.1 (2015)
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/102175/

  • Pike MA, ‘C.S.Lewis: Christian Educator for a Post-Christian Era’, Sehnsucht - The C.S. Lewis Journal, ed. by Carter G, Vol 7/8 (2014), 63-88

  • Pike MA, ‘Towards an Ethical Ecology of International Service Learning’, Journal of Curriculum Studies, iFirst (2012), 1-25
    DOI: 10.1080/00220272.2012.675354

  • Pike MA, ‘Developing as an Ethical English Teacher: Valuing the Personal and Poetic in Professional Learning’, ENGL EDUC-UK, 45.3 (2011), 224-235
    DOI: 10.1111/j.1754-8845.2011.01104.x

  • Pike MA, ‘Ethical English Teaching and Citizenship Education: Promoting Democratic Values or the Tao?’, Changing English: studies in culture and education 2011

  • Pike MA, ‘Judeo-Christian Sources of Character Education: Learning from England's Most Academically Improved Academy’, Journal of Research in Character Education, 7.1 (2009), 25-40


  • Pike M, ‘Education in The Abolition of Man’, in Contemporary Perspectives on C.S. Lewis' 'The Abolition of Man': History, Philosophy, Education, and Science, ed. by Mosteller TM and Anacker GJ (London, UK: Bloomsbury, 2017), 47-62
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/106939/

  • Pike MA, ‘Human Rights, Citizenship and Religious Education’, in Debates in Religious Education (London: Routledge, 2011)

  • Pike MA, ‘Ethics and Citizenship Education’, in Debates in Citizenship Education, ed. by Arthur J (London: Routledge, 2011)

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