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Dr Penelope Robinson

Senior Lecturer

I am a senior lecturer in the School of Education.

Research Interests

My research interest is in the developmental processes involved in the acquisition of English as an additional and a foreign language and the development of effective teaching practices which enable learners to acquire, understand and use English. I am also interested in the development of teacher knowledge and expertise through practitioner research, especially in the young learner classroom.

Recent conference presentations

May 2010: Invited Plenary Speaker, Eighth International Conference, Internationalisation in Education: Implications for ELT in Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia (Content and Language Integrated Learning: a framework for teacher development)

October 2008, Presenter, 'CLIL Fusion: Multilingual Mindsets in a Multicultural World', Tallin, Estonia, (EAL practice and its relevance to CLIL)                                                                                                        

October 2008 Colloquium presenter:  'CLIL Fusion: Multilingual Mindsets in a Multicultural World', Tallin, Estonia, (CLIL across contexts: A scaffolding framework for CLIL teacher education) 

September 2006: Invited Plenary Speaker, 'Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners' Conference, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. (The leeds University BA TESOL (Oman) Degree programme: a cross cultural teacher development project)

September 2005: Invited Plenary Speaker at 'Teacher Development Through Teacher Research' (TDTR 6) IATEFL Conference, Santiago, Chile. (Developing Practice Through Classroom Research)

May 2005: Invited Plenary Speaker, VenTESOL Conference, Maracaibo,Venezuela. (Concerns and Challenges in the teaching of EFL in the Young Learner Classroom)

April 2005: Invited Speaker, IATEFL Young Learner SIG, Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Developing a Methodology for Shared Text-work in the YL-EFL Classroom)

March 2005: Presenter, TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE. (Big Books, Shared Reading and Young Learners)

November 2004: Invited Speaker, IATEFL Picturebooks Conference, Munich, Germany. (Shared Reading, Shared Understanding: Developing Practice with Big Books in the EFL, Young Learner Classroom)

December 2003: Presenter, Learning, Education and Diversity Conference, AILA, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in an EAL Context)


British Council Consultancy for the Ministry of Education English Language Project, Saudi Arabia. May ‘04

Key Publications

Journal Articles

  • Robinson PJ, ‘Teaching Key Vocabulary in Geography and Science Classrooms: An Analysis of Teachers’ Practice with Particular Reference to EAL Pupils’ Learning’, Language and Education, 19.5 (2005), 428-445


  • Robinson PJ, Atkins J, ‘Evaluation of the BA Programme and Project’, in International collaboration for educational change, ed. by Project OMOEBA (Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman, 2009), 132-148

  • Robinson PJ, ‘A Research Approach to Developing Shared Reading in the EFL Classroom’, in Research in Our Classrooms, ed. by Mitchell-Schuitevoerder, R and Mourao S (Research in Our Classrooms, 2006)

  • Robinson PJ, Al Zedjali F, ‘Developing practice with shared large-format texts in the young learner EFL classroom’, in Teaching English through Literature in the Arab World (TESOL Arabia, 2006)


  • Robinson PJ, Hansen-Pauly MA, Bentner G, Jovanovic V, Zerbato D, Llinares A, Dafouz E, Alonso CE, Comino MG, Nadal AC, Favilli F, Dale L, Hofmannova M, Novotna J, CLIL across Contexts: A scaffolding framework for CLIL teacher education, in CLIL across Contexts: A scaffolding framework for CLIL teacher education, ([n.pub.], 2009)

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