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Jim Ryder

Professor of Science Education

I am Director of the Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME) and Leader of the Teaching and Learning Academic Group.
I have been Member of the Executive Board (2011-2015) and then Secretary (2015-2017) for the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA).
From 2008-2017 I was Editor of the international research review journal Studies in Science Education.
I have a PhD in condensed matter physics and have taught science/physics in secondary schools in the UK. 

Research Interests

My research examines attempts to develop a school science education that supports people’s engagement with science outside of formal schooling. This includes a focus on teaching and learning about the ‘nature of science’.

I have conducted a number of studies into the development of students' ideas about the nature of science at both secondary school and university level. I have also investigated the experiences of teachers as they engage in teaching/learning about the nature of science. In addition, I have written about the role of understandings about the nature of science when people engage with science-related issues outside of formal education settings.

I am also researching exploring the varying ways in which schools, teachers and students respond to major national curriculum and assessment reform initiatives. This includes examining the impact of reforms on students’ attitudes towards science education and their participation in post-compulsory science courses.

Selected research projects


I teach undergraduate modules focusing on children and education, education policy issues, international perspectives on education, and science education. I also teach sessions related to my research interests within postgraduate MA programmes at Leeds.

PhD Supervision

I supervise doctoral students in the following areas:

  • Education policy
  • The nature of science in science education
  • Science teacher education
  • Teaching/learning physics at secondary and university level

Recently completed PhD supervision

Andy Hind
Vasudha Malhotra
Zennifer Oberio

Key Publications


  • Henriksen E, Dillon J, Ryder J, Understanding student participation and choice in science and technology education (Dordrecht: Springer, 2015)

Journal Articles

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