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Sulaiman Abdullah Yaqoub Al Jamoudi
A critical evaluation of the role of local education in-service training centres provision for novice science teachers in cycle two schools in Oman

Mohammed Sloum Rashid Al-Ghafri
Exploring the factors that influence students' participations in English classroom at college of Applied Sciences in Oman

Hamood Ahmed Al-Huneini

Ali Salim Al-Shukaili
School-based Assessment System of Omani Students’ Science Learning in Grade (10)

Mahmoud Zahran Al-Waaili
Omani Teachers’ perceptions of the impact of technology on their teacher cognitions and instructional practices.

Loreto Aliaga Salas
Teacher educators’ cognitions during the implementation of an innovative pre-service English teaching programme in Chile

Ali Alqahtani
Relationships between Intercultural Contact and L2 Motivation for Undergraduate Saudi Students

Samyia Ambreen
Analyzing the nature of pupils’ interactions in two different fixed and mixed ability groups in a primary classroom

Antri Avraamidou
Mathematics that arises from collaborative gameplay in The Sims 3


Ana Ilse Benavides Lahnstein
Environmental Education in Year Six of Mexican Primary Education: Curriculum and Teachers’ Enactment.

Katy Bloom
The role of self-regulation feedback on students’ self-belief systems in Physics

Jessica Bradley
Translation and translanguaging in production and performance in community arts

Nicholas P Bradley
The use and understanding of culture in English language teaching in Japanese Universities.

Nicky Bremner
The evolution of teacher self-identity during educational changes at a Mexican university

Melike Bulut
Pre-service EFL teacher learning during the practicum


Dongman Cai
What is the stance towards the Sino-EU Solar Panel Trade Dispute? Metaphors in Journalism of Financial Times and China Daily: A Critical Metaphor Analysis

Simon Caruana
A Constructive Alignment Approach towards assessing essential cultural soft skills in the Tourism Sector Through ICT

Nadine Cavigioli
Exploring mature and part-time undergraduates’ experiences of using social media to connect with peers in a Russell Group university

Yan Chu
Translanguaging in Chinese Complementary Schools


Huiming Ding
Impact of PISA on Students’ learning: A Chinese perspective

Paulette Dougnac
University public engagement: the perspective of a Chilean institution in a process of reappraisal of extensión, communications and linkage with the environment

Dung Thi Phuong Cao
Impact of online collocation dictionary to advanced learners’ collocation competence in L2 writing

Sinead Marian D’Silva
The paradox of ‘developing’ employability: A study of Physics students’ engagement with their graduate prospects


Katie Gathercole
The educational experiences of children and young people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

Taiwo Frances Gbadegesin
From Policy to Practice: the socio-cultural dimensions of quality assessment in early childhood education in Nigeria

Christina Gennari
From official curriculum to classroom practice: A case study of how Cypriot primary school teachers enact the new curriculum inside their classrooms

Chung Gilliland
Inclusion of children from ethnic minority in mainstream education in Vietnam

Fereshte Goshtasbpour
Instructors’ Engagement with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): The case of instructors contributions to discussions

Stewart Gray
To learn or not to learn Korean: A narrative study of foreign English teachers in Korea

Olena Gundarina
Experiences of Russian-speaking pupils in UK primary schools


Laura Holden
What constitutes a rich educational experience in part-time performing arts schools?

Elizabeth Horncastle
Why Do Some Pharmacy Students Struggle With Pharmaceutical Calculations?

Rumana Hossain
Impact of Studying Abroad on Returnee Professionals at the Higher Education Institution in a Developing Country


Syakima I. Ibrahim
Developing and validating a Measure of Self-Efficacy in Teaching Sciences using Investigation Skills

Helen Ireland
An exploration, from a range of insights and perspectives, of how professionalism is understood, introduced and assessed in the preregistration pharmacist placement.

Zuraidah Ishmail
Linking Theory to Practice: The implications of the content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge towards beginning teachers of Bachelor of Education (TESL)


Stephania Albert Jonglai

Julie Jordan
The Enactment of Japanese Lesson Study in English Schools


Ambika Kapoor
Children’s experiences of risk and resilience: Narratives from tribal India

Tevfik Can Karabiyik
Education in Turkey in Perspective of PISA

Huda Yahya Khoja
Using L1 translation glossary in L2 reading as a method of teaching L2 collocation


Handan Lu
An investigation into screen reading comprehension for ESL students in the academic study

Qiuyun Lu
Effects of Teachers’ Metaphorical Instructions on Chinese Adult Learners’ L2 Learning Process in College EFL Classrooms


Nasir Mahmood
A critical ethnographic study exploring misrecognition of identities, Agency and belonging in the lives of adult British Pakistani Muslims in educational and social contexts.

Uma Malar Maniam
Doing Leadership in a Higher Education Institution in Malaysia: Exploring Multiframe Thinking of Departmental Leaders

Jose Marquez
"Can education policy make socioeconomically disadvantaged children happier? A comparative study."

Jose M. Marquez
Can education policy make socio-economically disadvantaged children happier?

Mr Ian Matthews
What are the factors that support the development of empathy within gamers?

Luke Mawer
An examination of Teachers’ cognitions concerning the use of digital tools and contexts within English for Academic Purposes programs.

Vicky McQuillan
The progression over time of profiles of children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD)

Ashwin Mehta
Cultural Variation in the Acceptance and Use of Educational Technology

Theognosia Michailidou
Introductory statistics courses in tertiary institutions in Cyprus: Non-cognitive factors behind performance


Valerie Nave
My research Is about 5 case studies of multilingual children growing up in the Yorkshire and experiencing French and English language on a daily basis without the academic support in French apart from the fact that they are sent to a complementary school

Van Nguyen
Transnational Higher Education programme in Vietnam: stakeholder perspectives on quality in a Vietnam-UK partnership context

Ni Thi Ha Nguyen
Managing Quality of Pre-service Teacher Training in Vietnam: A Case Study at a University of Education


Gisela Oliveira
Transfer of Learning between Higher Education and the Workplace

Hilario Garcia Ostos
What does ‘Ethical Leadership’ mean to Educational Leaders in Christian Schools?

Chris Otter
The effectiveness of the use of drama in teaching A level chemistry organic reaction mechanisms


Agathi Prodromou
Student engagement in Science: The short and medium term impacts of Science Open Evenings and Induction Days on students’ perceptions of Science


Liza Isyqi Ramli
Attitudes of Preschool Teachers Towards the Introduction of Inclusive Education In Malaysian Government Preschools

Alena Ryazanova
Russian SA sojourners’ voice trajectories through the lens of ideologies


Taguhi Sahakyan
The motivation of EFL teachers at an Armenian University: Teacher selves in context

Robert Sharples
Identity and affiliation among young migrants in a South London academy.

Matthew Shaw
Professional behaviours: concepts and barriers for community pharmacy technicians in England

Mohamed Mbarouk Suleiman
Curriculum reform and implementation: Secondary science teachers' responses to competency-based curriculum


Innocent Tasara
How do teachers of mathematics teach calculus?

Lucy Taylor
Investigating the relationship between children’s reading and their writing at upper primary school.

Mukrim Thamrin
Collaborative Action Research as a Means of Professional Development for English Teachers in Indonesia


Michael Achile Umameh
Mathematics Teachers’ Appropriation of Digital Resources: The Implications for Classroom Practices and Teacher Education

Miss Peeraya Utsajit
The Measurement of the Receptive and Productive Vocabulary Size of the English-Majored University Students in Thailand


Stefan Vollmer
Exploring the digital literacy practices of newly arrived migrant language and literacy learners


Mick Walker
Can trust in teacher assessment be increased?


Yang Xuan
The influence of one of UK-China higher education co-operation programs on students’ competence - a student perspective


Luoming Zhang
PhD in Education

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