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Research Student: Hamood Ahmed Al-Huneini

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Many teachers' thinking has gone beyond the discussion of incorporating technology into their teaching; they look for integrating useful technology to enhance students learning. However, their initiatives are likely to be constrained with financial matters which always seem to be the main obstacle hindering their ideas. Thus, Omani teachers have been trying to integrate the available technology into their teaching and schools have competed to make technology available for teachers. However, when an Omani school decides to take the lead in introducing Tablets into classes, teachers are faced with new challenges some of which are related to their readiness to take such a step. Devices availability appears to be of less problematic as teachers find themselves unable to use Tablets they dreamed of and struggled to get. My study looks into one school initiative in introducing tablets in Classrooms. 


I have been working for the Ministry of Education in Oman where I started as a school teacher then moved to be a teachers’ supervisor.  I got my Master degree in ICT and Education from the University of Leeds in 2006. My research interests are related to technology in classrooms and how teachers use Technology in general. 

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

Qualitative research give a great insight on how technology are used in classrooms and to get that clear picture a research should be done in an accurate way. A PhD programme in a world class university will give step by step assistance to researcher so we learn how to conduct research with valid results. 

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Schools technology uptake is expanding and many administrators try their best to equip their schools with most advanced educational aids. However, teachers sometimes find themselves are asked to use devices they don’t know how to use of they don’t even need to. In other word, quite often teachers don’t see the purpose why they have to use technology they just use it to please administrator. In short teachers need to be trained on different devices and most of all they need to see the purpose of change from one device to another.  

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

After completing my PhD I will go back home with a better understanding of research on how teacher use technology in classroom and continue working with teachers and research Omani context. 

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