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Andrias Tri Susanto

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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About Me

I worked for several years as a university lecturing assistant, a private English tutor, and an international education consultant before eventually being granted a scholarship by Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Originally, I come from an exquisite city located in East Java province called Malang, a city surrounded by loads of astounding natural landscapes like beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and hot springs.

In Malang, you will meet people living in unity from various ethnics, religions, and cultures. As any city in Indonesia, Malang offers the warmth and sincerity of Eastern culture to every domestic and international tourist from all parts of the world. Compared to Bali Island, which is only 12-hour-driving from there, Malang presents wider options on cultural and historical values.

Why I Chose an MA TESOL at Leeds

Having experienced working as an international educational consultant, I carefully compared and contrasted the services and facilities offered by world class universities such as those in the United States, Australia, and Europe. After a long and thorough consideration, University of Leeds was the most valuable academic institution that I came up with.

Its credibility in providing students with great services, facilities, and opportunities made me believe that Leeds was the best choice. Moreover, its world recognition on my program and track records as a school producing competent world-class experts in English pedagogy assured me that being a student here would be a prestigious opportunity.

What Makes me Passionate About my Area of Study

Nelson Mandela once said that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This quotation represents my vision towards Indonesian education. I also believe that a country’s faith relies on the young generations. Hence, by educating Indonesian youths, I believe that my country may move to a brighter future.

My Course

My course has guided me into the next phase of knowledge. My critical thinking has been shaped so that I am not just a scholar who takes for granted any theory fed by people but a scholar who always seeks new ideas from various viewpoints in constructing concepts. Furthermore, the professional lecturers and world-class resources make my course highly credible.

University Learning Facilities and School Support

The learning facilities available are splendid. For students and staff of the TESOL programmes, we have a resource room similar to a mini library exclusive for us. Furthermore, the computer clusters, libraries, and laboratories provided by the university have extraordinarily assisted students in completing the tasks and assignments.

Additionally, if anyone needs someone for advice regarding their study or life here, they can contact their course representative, school representative, student support officers, personal tutor, programme leader in their schools, and student advisors in Leeds University Union (LUU). In short, the support given is awesome. If you have any problem, it will be professionally deal with. You do not need to be afraid for any reason since there is always someone ready to give advice and support.

Outside of Studying

I have kept a good relationship with Indonesian Student Association (Perkumpulan Pelajar Indonesia) which exists under the LUU. There, I have met some Indonesian friends and participate in sport and other activities together.

For voluntary work, I am also the course representative of M.A TESOL programme. I am glad to help my colleagues deal with any academic issue raised. I also feel lucky to be one of the TESOL resource room officers giving me exclusive rights to borrow books and cooperate with my colleagues from other countries to handle the resource room.

 Leeds as a city

Leeds is neither a crowded city nor a quiet one. Its vibrant life charms anyone who visits it. It is also perfectly located. It is a good place to start exploring the United Kingdom. Personally, I go to different towns every other weekend since the transport is also accessible. However, the weather is, of course, always a good topic to talk about since its unpredictability demands you to always pay attention to the daily weather forecast. Basically, it is not as warm as my hometown, for sure, but is better than the other cities located in the northern and southern parts of England which mostly experience wet weather. Living in Leeds is a journey of a lifetime for me.

My Advice to Prospective Students

For those who are thinking of applying for the M.A. TESOL programme at the University of Leeds, I suggest you to prepare yourself well. The good reputation of this programme is attained not without a reason. I know that students here are relentless, since studying is a serious matter. However, support from both the School and University is always available. Furthermore, making lots of friends helps you ease the burden of studying.

My Future

After completing my Masters degree here, I will go back to Indonesia as I have got a job as a university lecturer in a rural area there. I will teach English and will be a researcher especially in TESOL. I really want to contribute to my country by teaching in a rural area so that every citizen may have, more or less, the same opportunity to have good education.

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