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Andry Avraamidou

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My name is Andry Avraamidou and I am from Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. I have graduated from the University of Cyprus, as a Primary Education teacher, in June 2007 and then I continued my studies at a master's level in the UK. For the year 2007/2008 I was studying MA ICT and Education, as a full time student, at the University of Leeds.

Having almost completed the course, I am more than happy to admit that the entire experience was unique. First of all, the manner by which, both the Academic and the Support Staff welcomed us into the school and worked with us through the entire process, was really warm and that made me feel less homesick. I was particularly amazed by the way things were organised (schedules, fieldtrips, entertainment) and the professionalism of the whole school during the entire time.

My experience of the course MA ICT and Education was like the experience of a child playing its favourite game! I found the course fascinating and intellectual and at the same time, I had the valuable opportunity to ‘meet' and make friends from all over the world! The way the course was structured, worked for me and challenged me to learn more. ICT is very interesting and the learning acquisition through this course is guaranteed.

Being also lucky enough to experience Leeds in person, I must say that it is highly recommended. The University is located at the heart of the town and almost everything a student needs is within a range of 1-2 Km. If you want to have a strong combination of high quality academic studies and a beautiful living experience, then Leeds is the best choice!

I am hoping that my experience and qualification from Leeds will enable me to become a better qualified teacher in Mathematics and better informed about the research in the specific area.

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