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Ceri Restrick

School Direct PGCE Secondary English | 2013-2014

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About me

I am a Theatre Studies Masters' graduate with career experience in freelance writing, project management and administration. I spent my school years in Leeds, my university years in Glasgow and worked in York and Leeds for two years before applying for a PGCE.

My motivation

I am committed to starting my career in Leeds and a colleague at my previous workplace recommended the course here. I was also particularly interested in the new School Direct programme and the partnership with Outwood Grange Academy. The opportunity for longer school placements and potential employment was also attractive.

My passion for teaching English

Teaching is an opportunity to encourage and inspire young people, develop leadership skills and share my passion for my subject. English encompasses theatre, literature and language skills. I am in an advantageous position having graduated in theatre and worked for an English department for a year. It is a character building subject which teaches young people how to empathise and relate to others. English also develops the identity of the person and the way they choose to express themselves.

My experience on the programme

I enjoy learning from other trainees through micro teaching during seminars and method sessions. I appreciate hearing from guest speakers who work in a diverse range of different schools and education sectors. I have gained insight from writing an assignment on behaviour and it has helped me better understand the school where I work.

My placements

I have enjoyed being in school from the beginning of the course. TP1 has provided lots of training on behaviour, SEN and teaching techniques. I have enjoyed meeting new people and have been given responsibility for teaching from an early stage. The teachers at TP1 have tailored my training according to my previous experience of working in a school.


Leeds is the place where I grew up, where I have worked and now where I study. It is small but perfectly formed with a range of cultures and events for many different interests.

My future

My plan is to work in a thriving school with an exciting English department, to take leadership and promotion opportunities and eventually become a trainer of other teachers, a motivational speaker and writer.

To anyone thinking about pursuing teacher training, I would say get some experience in a school for a few days, talk to PGCE graduates and find out more about School Direct as it is an excellent recruitment process.

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