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Chris Smith

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About me

I'm an English Teacher at Prince Henry's School in West Yorkshire.

My motivation to study the MA Teaching

I believe that teachers also need to be students, and learning about the dual role of the teacher-researcher is part of the Masters in Teaching, which attracted me to it.

I am thoroughly obsessed with teaching, and with teaching English Literature and Language – being able to combine the two, and be paid for it, leaves me pinching myself sometimes.

My experience on the course

The work we did on exploring classroom talk was inspirational – the incredible, passionate lecturer, who has inspired me for the rest of my career, made me think about the ancient elements of humans teaching one another.

The learning facilities at the University are fantastic – I even tried to smuggle my mum and dad into the Brotherton Library, until I found out you can just ask at the desk for guests to be allowed in.

Student support in the School of Education is fab – having the email addresses of lecturers when working closely on larger projects has been brilliant, especially the prompt responses from what must sometimes be frustrating pestering.

If you are passionate about teaching I would really recommend this course – there are a number of topics that broaden your understanding about Education. But it does take up time over the three years, and teaching is a busy job, so it needs careful thought and commitment to get the most out of it.

After graduation

Once I complete the MA Teaching, I'm going to have a year off and then see if I can afford a Doctorate in Education. I'm gutted I won't be a Leeds Uni student anymore. I'll be back!

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