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Christina Simantri

PGCE Lifelong Learning, School of Education, 2008-10

Photo of Christina Simantri

I landed in Leeds eleven years ago, full of dreams and fears, on a sunny September day. I was going to be a student at the University of Leeds studying Electronic and Microwave Engineering! I graduated with an honours degree three years later.

The University of Leeds made me realise my potential and gave me the foundations to excel professionally later on. In the end, I never worked in the electrical industry. I had one dream though, to encourage young people to lead a better life and think "Big". I wanted to share my life experiences and my knowledge.

I have been working in the educational sector in and around Leeds for the past seven years. I have worked in different educational settings, with different age groups and abilities. For the past three years, I have been lecturing in Electrical Installation for Leeds College of Technology and I am currently studying towards a PGCE in Lifelong learning, once again back at the University of Leeds!

Working as a lecturer gives me plenty of opportunities to visit my family back in Athens while leading an independent, full of fun, life in an exciting upbeat city.

Leeds inspires me, gives me opportunities and opened new horizons for me. Leeds is a vibrant, cultural city and the possibilities for employment are brilliant.

I lead a very busy professional life and represent Women in Engineering for Leeds College of Technology and organise Recruitment Events for the College too. Leeds - and the University of Leeds - could do the same for you!

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