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Dongping Chen

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About me

I am an international student from Wuxi, a city in the south of China. I studied in a Chinese university for nearly two years, learning to teach Chinese as a foreign language. I started to learn English as a foreign language when I was 7 and recently I have also developed an interest in learning Japanese.

My motivation to study

The course is related to my degree from China, however, I have not been satisfied with my career since I graduated so I decided to change to a new environment: studying education in a native country. Being able to choose where I can teach English was a motivation for me.

The English language is still a lingua franca in the world, so I can see a promising future as an English teacher. Besides, I can enjoy traveling all over the world using English, and working with young children or language learners will enrich my life.

The School of Education at Leeds has a great reputation in the UK and so does the university. Leeds is also a nice city, and the cost of living is not as expensive as in London and some other cities.

My experience

So far, I have most enjoyed the module English for Communication, which is a language course. In this module, I have learnt how to learn English in an efficient and independent way, and have also made new friends.

Some theories about teaching and learning are related to my life and some are new. I hope, in the future, I can have a chance to put these theories into practice.

Learning facilities

The learning facility I used most frequently at first was the University's Language Centre. It helped me with my English, making friends from other countries, and offering advice with my academic writing. 

The library, Leeds University Union and the International Student Office also supply great help to me not only in study but also in life.

Leeds life

The City of Leeds is much bigger than I thought, and the people are nicer. I thought cities in the UK were smaller than those in China.

It's a multilingual and beautiful city. People here are very kind and helpful. It's also convenient to travel to other cities either by bus or by train.

Outside of study

There is lots to get involved with outside the course, such as international parties (like the showcase to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival,) part-time jobs, give-it-a-go sessions by LUU and the global café, which is organised by the International Student Office.

I have found a part-time job to support my life. I go to parties and travel to other beautiful cities. I like to stay with friends as much as possible.

My future

Once I graduate, I will try to find a job as an English teacher in the UK, Canada or China. Alternatively, I will apply for a postgraduate course somewhere else in the UK or in the School of Education at Leeds. maybe the MA TESOL.

The quality of teaching on BA English, Language and Education is high and modules are designed to be related to life closely, so most knowledge you've learnt in the class can be applied to a real situation. It's a valuable opportunity for people who want to teach all over the world.

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