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Fadhel Abdullah

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Teacher Education)

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About me

I am a teacher trainer from Yemen and I have been involved in teaching English for several purposes and in teacher training for 12 years. My areas of interest are ESP and teacher education.

My previous experience in the area of teacher education and the need to contribute in developing the teacher education programmes in my country is what makes me passionate about this area of study.

Why I chose MA TESOL Teacher Education at Leeds

I was granted a scholarship from the Hornby Educational Trust. In the offer of the scholarship there was a list of some good accredited universities to choose from and one of them was the University of Leeds.

I decided on the University of Leeds because of the high academic and research reputation it has, and because it includes my area of interest i.e. teacher education.  When I previewed the modules and staff on the School of Education website, I knew that it was the best choice for me.

For anyone interested in this course, do not hesitate. If it is your area of interest, the University of Leeds is THE choice.

My experience on the programme

I enjoyed every single bit of my course of study here, I found all the related aspects and modules were significant and interesting. Sure, the course required hard work, but that is also part of the enjoyment when you feel the increase of your knowledge and when you see the results of your hard work.

The only hardship I have been facing during the course of my study is the news of the political crisis and problematic issues from my country. However, the benefits I have been getting from the course and the support I have received from the staff helped me to carry on.

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude and sincere thankfulness to all the staff in the School of Education in general and to my tutors in particular.

The learning environment

With all the learning facilities available, you have no other choice but to learn and succeed. The key facilities include the huge libraries, the online support via the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), the computer clusters, the specialized TESOL resource room, the supportive courses in the Skills@ library and the language centre, the TESOL Forum, and last but not least the Academic Skills sessions we had at the beginning of the course.

There are also conferences and seminars from time to time.

Student support

The student support system is highly appreciated. Students get all the support they might need, starting from the personal tutoring, the tutors support and the Student Support Office.

You can always ask for help when you need it, and will always get it.

Furthermore I used to get much from the different students centres across the university such as the Student Counselling Centre, the Students Help Office, the International Student Office, and the Career Centre.

Outside of study

I have been working as the President of the Postgraduate Society during 2011/2012, which was an exceptional experience. We used to arrange events to help postgraduates meet with other postgraduates, to have fun and spend good times together.

The Students' Union (LUU) provides a lot of facilities to ensure students can have fun and lessen the pressure of the study. I am thankful to the Union and people I worked with during the year.

I have also participated in two picnics arranged by the School of Education, one to the beautiful Lake District and the other to another wonderful place called the Peak District. I really enjoy meeting new people and visiting beautiful natural places.

Leeds life

Leeds is a significant international city where you can find a huge diversity of people from all over the world all living and working in harmony and peace. I really felt at home in Leeds.

After graduation

The course provided me with great insights and inspiration. Based on that inspiration I got from my course, I have a two dimension plan. The first is to go back to my country and cascade the knowledge and skills I acquired here to my colleagues. And the second is to pursue further research, which might be doing PhD, if I get chance, in the area of teacher cognition.

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