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Hyeon Joo Lee

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Teacher Education)

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About me

I am from South Korea and I have taught English for six years in the private sector in Korea.

I have a strong belief that to develop my country’s English competence level, teachers must be provided with adequate education to teach English. Therefore, I applied to this course in order to be part of this educational process.

My passion for teaching

As an EFL learner and teacher, I really like sharing knowledge with other people and gaining more knowledge from those who are interested in learning and teaching English. I am always interested in learning new ideas and ways to think.

My experience

The area of teacher education that was the most enjoyable was ‘Teacher Education for TESOL’. It was a very practical module for understanding the field of teacher education.

Also, ‘The Practice of Supporting Language Teacher Learning’ gave me many insights into the similarity and differences of teachers and teachers of teachers.

Furthermore, I think the opportunity to meet other teachers from many different parts of the world allowed me to see things from several new viewpoints, which was a great experience while taking the course.

The modules have been interesting and the professors were helpful.  The library resources were also great and easily accessible.

As a foreign student, you need to prepare not only your English proficiencies, but also a foundational knowledge of the course. Most students have a variety of experiences and theoretical and practical knowledge of the area of teaching and learning English. Bring your knowledge and be prepared to share with others.

Outside of study

I took a school trip in the beginning of the first semester; it was fun and a good opportunity to get to know other students. There were several trips throughout the year.

The gym is a beautiful facility, with the equipment to cater to anyone’s work out requirements.  

The course I choose didn’t leave me much time for doing too much outside of study, but Leeds is an interesting enough city if you want to go explore. It is also close enough to other cities if you have the time to go and travel on the weekends.

It is a good size, yet compact - I really enjoyed living here. Shopping is plentiful, and there are numerous activities to fit into anyone wants.

My future

Once I graduate, first I will go back to my country and teach students, as well as, work at helping and developing teachers to competently teach English. At the same time I will prepare myself for further studies and doing my PhD.

I am very happy to have had the great opportunity to study at Leeds with the wonderful professors here. I am really appreciative that I was able to have the chance to enhance my profession development and education at the University of Leeds.

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