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Innocent Tasara

PGCE Mathematics (2008) and MA Mathematics Education (2011)

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About me

Originally from Zimbabwe, I came to the University of Leeds to study the BSc (Hons) Mathematics in 2004 and graduated with a 2.1 in 2007.

In that same year, I studied for my PGCE in Mathematics in the School of Education, completing that in 2008. That same year, I started working as a secondary school mathematics teacher at a local school in Halifax.

As I was in full-time employment, I started an MA in Mathematics Education in 2009, which I studied on a part-time basis.

My motivation to study

Following my PGCE, I strongly felt that I wanted to explore more about mathematics education which is why I decided to complete the Masters course.

My jobs as a Mathematics teacher, something that I had always wanted to be, made me passionate about wanting to study Maths Education.

I am also interested in the question 'to what extent is educational practice informed by educational research?'

My experience at Leeds

Every module I have studied has had a tremendous impact on my knowledge, attitude confidence and practice. I have become more aware or rather critical of many issues relating to the provision of mathematics education in our schools. 

The MA Maths Education is a great academic (but practically adaptable) course for all involved in mathematics education. It is a mind as well as an eye opener. It is a challenging but rewarding course; it's hard work but it’s worth it.

It will boost your self-esteem if you are passionate about mathematics education.  The course will definitely help you make sense of mathematics education.

There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of the topics or subject matters that one can choose to study in depth and there is a great team of lecturers and tutors!

The facilities in the School of Education and the University are very good. The School is very attentive, supportive and well organised.

Outside of study

There are a lot of activities open to all outside of study.  I was in the University Men’s Volleyball team for two years and also a member of the gym.

A lot of my time is spent with my little daughter, who has been very patient with me, given my work and university commitments whilst studying. I owe her every spare time I can get. We like doing sports, walking in the country side, visiting wildlife parks and the Dales.

Leeds is a great city for everyone!  I think it caters for people from all sorts of backgrounds.  I think it’s true to say that many people settle in Leeds quite easily. There are great places for social and night life in the city and great tourist resort places around the city and in Yorkshire.

My future

I want to make a difference to mathematics education in one way or another. Having taught secondary mathematics in schools in Zimbabwe and Leeds, I have since joined the School of Education here at Leeds and am a Lecturer in Mathematics Education.

I would also love to do a PhD, provided I get funding and time.

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