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Karen Manriquez-Riveros

MA Mathematics Education 2011

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About me

I am a Chilean Secondary Mathematics Teacher, and the mother of a lovely 16-month old girl and I am expecting another baby.

I worked in the Ministry of Education in my country as part of the National and International Assessment Department and I have experience in teaching mathematics in primary, secondary and at undergraduate level. I have been interested in Mathematics education since I studied my BA in Pure Mathematics.

In Chile, mathematics education is a very naive subject and I am very interested in it so I started to look for Master's studies in mathematics education at a prestigious English university with a good staff of professors. This is why I applied to the University of Leeds School of Education.

My passion

I am very interested in learning about mathematics, and learning about how students learn and how educators can understand how students construct their knowledge.

I am interested in how teaching can be improved, how to create the curriculum and programs in mathematics and how we can assess people’s knowledge in mathematics.

My experience at Leeds

I love my course. I thought this course would prepare me to go back to my country, but now I feel I could do more and study a PhD in this area.

The university has all the facilities that a student with a family can expect. The library is very good, we have access to very good computers and the classrooms are comfortable.

If you are thinking about coming to Leeds to study, I think it would be a very good decision because the professors are very well qualified, friendly and concerned about you. You will learn more than you expect.

Outside of study

I was part of Student Parents at the university where I found parents like me and my husband, where we can share experiences with our children in very nice parties and meetings.

Leeds is a lovely city for studying and very good for coming with a family. It is quiet and safe.

I also like going to the gym, spending time with my family and travelling when I can.

My future

I am planning to have my second baby back in my country, then I hope to try and get sponsorship to return and study a PhD in Mathematics Education.

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