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Laura Knapton

| 2012

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About Me

I am 20 years old and I live in Preston in the North-West with my family. I work part-time every weekend as a receptionist for a company called Arnold Clark.

Why I Chose to Study BA English, Language and Education at Leeds

I wanted to apply to Leeds after my first visit - I felt that I could settle in well as I was keen to go to a university that had a campus. After looking around the accommodation and The Union I had made my mind up. I wanted to apply for the course I am now studying because I am keen to learn languages and discover how foreign languages are taught. I have always been keen to learn languages and to teach in the future, so I knew Leeds would prepare me well.

My Course

I'm really enjoying my course. It’s giving me so many amazing opportunities to develop various skills, such doing a CELTA course and study abroad. I really enjoy lectures that explain how English is taught to foreign learners, as well as my Spanish classes.

The Learning Facilities

The learning facilities in the School and at the University are excellent and there is a lot of room to study alone or in groups. There is also a huge amount of resources in places such as the library.

School Support

I feel the student support in my school is particularly great as I receive feedback or answers to any queries very fast. Also, we have fortnightly tutorials where we meet as a group with our programme leader to discuss what's been going on in lectures and to see if we require help with anything.

Outside of Studying

There are hundreds of activities available for students to take part in outside of studying. So far, I have tried out Korfball, IM Netball, volunteering and have recently become a Student Intern for my School.

Life in Leeds

I really like Leeds as a city. I like the fact that it's really big and there are so many shops, as well as having a great night life.

My Advice to Prospective Students

The help you receive from the staff within the School of Education is great and the amount of extra opportunities that you can get involved in is amazing. Not only that, but you get the chance to continue learning a foreign language (or start a fresh with a new one). It’s certainly a course worth considering.

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