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Lee Swift

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I agreed to take on the role of SENCo in my school in February 2011. I was told by the Headteacher in May 2011 that I would have to take a PGCE in SEN Coordination.

I really felt like saying that I had had a change of mind, as I really didn't want to go back to university. However I decided to stick with it and see what the course was like.

Looking back now, this was the best decision I have made, as not only have I thoroughly enjoyed the course but I wouldn't be the SENCo I am now If I hadn't done it. I am more confident, assertive and knowledgeable.

Sue has been a very supportive tutor and has tailored the course to our needs.

The assignments have not been a 'bolt on' like I first thought they would be - they have been useful as we have been able to personalise them to our school's needs.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone - it will change your practice for the better.

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