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Maria Angeliki Tsangari

MA TESOL Studies

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About me

I come from Athens, Greece. Before pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Leeds, I had received my Bachelor degree from the Department of English Studies from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

My motivation to study

Leeds had been my first choice ever since I started looking for an MA. I had visited the city before and I really liked it. It is a city full of life, great people, many places worth seeing and a vast array of experiences to have on offer!

Apart from that, the University is a top UK university with highly qualified professors and of course, well-structured postgraduate programmes.

My passion for teaching

Being an English Language teacher offers me the opportunity to meet new people of all ages, communicate with them and try to teach them a foreign linguistic system.

To me, meeting children and older people, exchanging ideas and shaping their identity via a foreign language is very important. I find it fulfilling.

This provided me with the incentive to pursue my postgraduate studies. I aspired to be great at what I do and what better way to do that than the MA TESOL Studies in Leeds!

My experience on the course

Moving towards the end of the course I have realized what a great year this has been. The experience has been unique. The MA TESOL Studies programme has offered me valuable knowledge on my area of study (didactics, pedagogic knowledge) both on a theoretical and practical level.

Straight from the beginning, the School and professors made us feel like home as much as possible. They were supportive in every step of the way, willing to help with their expertise and valuable insights.

Moreover, the events organized by the School (fieldtrips, Christmas and end of year parties) have been a great team-building opportunity that has allowed us to come closer to people from all over the world.

Learning facilities

The learning facilities in the School of Education and the University in general were excellent. Teaching was facilitated by up-to-date facilities and of course, these facilities (library) were made available to each student. As far as I am concerned, my undergraduate studies facilities-wise were quite different than my postgraduate studies and this has played an important part in the entire learning experience. The student support in the School of Education was also well organised.

Outside of study

The University of Leeds offers students with a complete learning and living experience. Doing an MA programme does not mean spending your days studying. One must also have fun and the University promotes all sorts of activities.

There are many Clubs and Societies one can join, according to his/her interests which will make studying and living in Leeds a unique experience. Of course, if nothing suits you and you wish to, you can start your own Club or Society. How about that?


The MA TESOL Studies has been an invaluable source of knowledge to me. I have learned a lot and it has offered me the chance to develop professionally, realize my potential and excel.  If you are looking for a postgraduate programme, that will equip you with the necessary teaching knowledge in the best possible way, develop your teaching persona and broaden your horizons, then the MA TESOL Studies is a great choice.

Overall, my choice to study at the University of Leeds has rewarded me. It has been a long and difficult way towards the MA degree but it has also been a useful one. I would highly recommend the University of Leeds and Leeds as a city as they offer a combination of top-quality academic studies and an unforgettable living experience abroad.

My future

The MA TESOL Studies has equipped me with what I needed so as to become the teacher I aspire to be. To me, excellence in one’s profession is a milestone in one’s personal development and my postgraduate experience in the University of Leeds has contributed greatly to that.

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