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Peeraya Utsajit

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) | 2017 - 2020

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Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background (including previous study) ?

I majored in English and furthered my study with a Masters degree in Thailand. I am an English teacher at a university in Thailand, and now doing my PhD at the University of Leeds.

What motivated you to undertake your PhD study and why did you choose the University of Leeds?

As a teacher, undertaking a PhD can broaden as well as deepen my knowledge so that I can help my students, my colleagues and my university after my graduation. Also, the University of Leeds is a leading university in England. I wanted to study in the UK so I could practice my English and I chose Leeds both because of its good reputation and the quality of teaching and learning that I’d heard and known from my teachers, colleagues, and ranking websites.

What is it that makes you passionate about this area of study?

I am interested in vocabulary teaching and learning since this is the major problem for my students and I have a strong desire to solve.

Please tell us about your research topic…

My research is around creating both writing and reading vocabulary lists for English-majored EFL students.

How has your experience been at the University so far?

It is quite good. Everything is done systematically and fair. The staff and the supervisors are really helpful and friendly.

What would you say about the learning and research facilities in the School and at the University in general?

The university is well equipped with the programmes and research facilities students need. I love the work station in the School of Education and the silent zones in the libraries.

Do you take part in any activities outside of your study? (Clubs & Societies/activities in the School etc).

Yes, I joined the conversation clubs and now would also like to join the knitting club as well. I also plan to join the Edge gym soon.

What do you like to do outside of studying?

I enjoy walking and doing meditation. Both help me a lot when I am stressed.

What would you say to someone considering a research degree in the School?

The School is very excellent with lovely and helpful staff and colleagues. Supervisors are kind and nice to you. Everybody tries to help you. There are also a plenty of facilities to support you while you are doing your research.

What are your plans once you have completed your PhD?

I need to go back to my country to develop the faculty I am working at.

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